A Day in the Life with TritonWear

Handing out TritonWear devices

6:00 AM

Each swimmer grabs a Triton unit and links it to their profile on the tablet

Swimmers put on units

6:02 AM

The swimmers each put the units on and start swimming laps. The Triton units calculate performance metrics based on the athletes’ motion. After every length, each Triton unit automatically sends splits, stroke count, stroke rate, DPS, and a host of other metrics to the coach's tablet. Results can also be streamed live to a tv or projector to give real-time visual feedback to the athletes.

Time for the weekly test set

6:45 AM

Time for the weekly test set - 8x100m freestyle. They run the test set each week so they can compare their progress over time. The coach will tag the set so that she can easily find it later.

Checking in on each swimmer

6:58 AM

Part way through the test set, the coach glances at the tablet and notices a swimmer’s stroke rate is spiking, without their speed increasing. She pulls him aside to work on lengthening his stroke to maintain technique when he is getting tired.

Coach feedback to swimmers

7:30 AM

After the warmdown, the coach grabs certain swimmers to discuss specific highlights from their set progressions to give focussed takeaways from the session and congratulate those that improved based on feedback from last time.

Handing back units

7:40 AM

Coach ends the workout on the tablet. The athletes hand back their units, so they can be charged and stored safely until next practice.

Athlete checking TritonWear metrics on mobile device.

7:47 AM

While a swimmer is on the bus to school, he checks his phone to see a message from TritonWear with a link to view his workout online. He's able to see his metrics in detail, on the go. As a result of this, he comes up with some great questions for his coach for next practice.

Coach checking TritonWear metrics on laptop

8:15 AM

Meanwhile the coach also looks over the data after practice over a coffee. The data shows that the feedback to the swimmer earlier really paid off - he was able to maintain pace with a longer stroke to be more efficient in the water. She gives his set a thumbs-up reaction to congratulate his effort.

Metrics tracking and comparison

8:21 AM

The coach also compares the swimmers' test sets against previous week's. Many swimmers are making real strides here, although there are a few who are only getting marginally faster while significantly increasing their input. The coach makes a note to bring that up next practice.

Overall it was a great practice, with each athlete getting some solid takeaways for the next session.

Athlete asking question to coach

3:45 PM

The swimmer comes back to practice and starts a conversation with the coach based on what they observed in their data from the morning session.

TritonWear Units

4:00 PM

Get the Triton units out, it's time for another practice!

Take your team to the next level

Don’t just take our word for it.

Jeff Slater

University of Waterloo

This is a fantastic tool that allows us to try technical changes and see how they effect stroke, pacing and other aspects in both real time and over many workouts with a large group of swimmers.

Alex Spalding

Texas Ford Aquatics

It's more than just an extra coach, it's like having a personal coach for every athlete.

Kevin Anderson

Mississauga Swimming

They stay engaged in their day-to-day training, and it keeps them focused on their performance.