Benefits For Swimmers

swimming coach feedback

Get better feedback and more one-on-one time with your coach during practice

TritonWear collects over 10 metrics automatically and sends them to your coach's tablet, allowing them to put down their stopwatch and laser in on your technique to help you get better, faster.

swim coaching

Get the most out of your training

Time with your coach is limited. View your data right after practice so you're ready to hone in on your biggest weaknesses when you come back for your next practice.

swimmer metrics profile example

Know yourself by learning from your results

By tracking your data over time, you can easily see how changes in your technique and lifestyle affect speed and efficiency in the pool.

Motivated athletes

Stay motivated and keep training fun by tracking your success

Personal bests might only come once a year so we know that small wins aren't small to you. Regular workout tracking shows when you hit a new milestone - then share it with your friends and celebrate!

Learn from pros and personal heroes

Learn from the pros

See what sets the pros apart by examining their race metrics and comparing them to your own swims. How do you stack up?

Gold Medal

Connect training with competition results

Training with your race times in mind is critical - how often do you spend close to race pace? Understand how your training affects your races with automatic competition logs on your profile.

Superior athlete

Become a superior athlete, and a student of the sport

All top athletes are students of the sport. Better coach feedback combined with truly knowing yourself and your strokes is what will take you to the next level.

Team Solutions for Every Level

Don’t just take our word for it.

Brent Mitchell

Metroplex Aquatics

As a coach, I’ve always been able to do things on a feel. But now, I’m able to look at the numbers to back up what I saw.

Ben Titley

Swimming Canada

Using this data to make athletes more efficient will not only educate them, but ultimately make them faster. I would recommend it to any swim coaches I’ve met - this is the way sports are going.

Jeremy Organ

Vanderbilt University

It’s like having another coach on deck.