Benefits For Coaches

Handing out TritonWear unit

Seamlessly set up TritonWear with your team

One click to link each unit to an athlete on your tablet, then get swimming. No further input is needed from you once the workout is started.

Swimmer metrics

More time to focus on stroke mechanics instead of babysitting a stopwatch

Gather accurate metrics automatically for your whole team at once without lifting a finger.

Multiple user access

Get more information to your coaches at the same time

Your coaches can all use the system simultaneously, giving them more access to personalized data for the athletes they’re working with.

swim coach feedback

Give higher quality, personalized feedback

TritonWear is effectively an assistant coach for each athlete (at a fraction of the cost) so you can base your feedback on hard, unbiased data and increase buy-in from your athletes.

motivated swimmers

Keep your athletes engaged and accountable through the grind of training

Athletes want to see improvement from their hard work in the pool. Our long-term tracking system gives you visual trends for each athlete's progress, so you can celebrate their small victories throughout training to keep them motivated.

swimmer metrics profile example

Get the bigger picture of your athletes

Consistent and detailed data shows you exactly what impacts your athletes' speed and efficiency so you can iterate and improve based on what resonates with them.

Progress tracking

Iterate and optimize your training program

Regular, detailed performance feedback from your team allows you to test and iterate your program regularly to get the most out of your athletes as well as your coaches all season.

Gold medal

Take your athletes to new levels

Athletes using TritonWear have broken national records and shattered personal bests across the globe. Don't you want the same for your team?

Team Solutions for Every Level

Don’t just take our word for it.

Jeremy Organ

Vanderbilt University

We've seen multiple lifetime bests while on the platform and I do think that was a direct result of athletes becoming more accountable with stroke rates while doing it over and over with the TritonWear systems.

Bruno Langlois

Bergens Swim Club

The use of the TritonWear technology helped us find inefficiencies in our swimmers we could not see otherwise. Changes made with this data helped lead to multiple Junior National Records being broken by my swimmers!

Dave Salo

University of Southern California

The day of just training harder than anybody else and resulting in an Olympic gold medal or world record is gone. You’ve got to be smarter. And the more information that you can assemble to help guide you in your training I think is where we need to go.