Take your performance to the next level

Train smarter with automated data collection and live feedback in training paired with long-term tracking and advanced insights like never before.

The old way to train:

A lot of data goes untracked

A coach can only manually collect one or two metrics at a time, or has to focus on a single athlete

Personalized feedback is limited

Coaches are outnumbered by athletes who all have unique, individual needs.

Athlete motivation is hard to maintain

Improvements come slowly, and in the daily grind it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal.

Sounds familiar?

There’s a better way:

Let us do the tracking for you

No more manual data collection means more time to focus on stroke mechanics and less time staring at a stopwatch

Personalized, unbiased feedback for each athlete

Comprehensive data for each athlete lets you pinpoint weaknesses and celebrate strengths

Keep your athletes engaged and motivated all season

Regularly tracked training educates athletes on their data to keep them engaged and allows them to celebrate the small wins each week

15,453 hours using TritonWear

16,265 workouts

40,517,180 meters swam


Vanderbilt University

NCAA Div. 1 • 25 swimmers • Nashville, Tennessee

Issues they faced:

  • Too few coaches for too many athletes meant minimal useful feedback per athlete each practice.
  • It was impossible to customize training programs for athletes since they could not get the required data.

Results from using TritonWear:

  • Able to make fast adjustments in practice with each athlete using unbiased data to back up decisions.
  • Athletes more engaged and motivated in training - it's made it more fun to come to the pool.
  • Multiple lifetime bests based on increased accountability over stroke rates while using the TritonWear platform.

Let us show you how TritonWear can help your team.

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